It's time to fly away to another nest, but before you do, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Step 1 - Termination Notice

Fill and sign an N9 Termination Form, found on our Tenant Forms page. This notice is an official 60-day termination notice to the landlord. Keep in mind that it is a 60-day notice, but the termination date needs to be dated for the last day of any calendar month, as the rental period is on a monthly basis - according to the Landlord & Tenant Board.

(For example: If you wish to terminate your lease on June 30, 2018, we need to have received your N9 termination form no later than April 30, 2018). You may send us a photo or a scanned copy to

Step 2 - Unit Showings

Please keep in mind that the Real Estate agents will be showing your condo unit to potential buyers/tenants. Please tidy up your space so that it is presentable. The faster the unit leases, the faster showings will end.


You will be served with 24-hour notices for showings. You do not need to be present for the showings, and we ask for your full cooperation. 

Step 3 - Inspections

You will need to prepare for two inspections:

PRE-MOVE inspection - to assess the property and give you time to repair any damages or replace any damaged appliances/fixtures well before the move-out date.


FINAL inspection. The final inspection is to confirm that your repairs are completed and that the unit is left in good condition. This inspection will take place once your belongings are removed from the rental property.

Step 4 - READ and REPLY to the PRE-MOVE EMAIL

The tenant department will be sending a Pre-move email. You will receive it within the 1st week of your move out the month. This email will ask for some important information from you and it will also have details about the tenant repairs and a copy of the Pre-move Inspection will be attached. Please read it and send back any required information by the due date.

You MUST notify us with your move-out time and date, along with a booked elevator time no later than two weeks prior to your lease-end date.

Step 5 - Repair 

Any repairs that are list on the Pre-Move email AND the Pre-move Report (marked "Tenant") will need to be completed and photo proof will need to be sent to the Tenant Department by the due date stated in the Pre-move Email. 

Some common tenant repairs are:


1) CLEANING – please ensure the following are cleaned and send photos

  1. Washing Machine - Rubber gasket

  2.  Washing Machine - Detergent tray

  3.  Dryer – clean out the lint trap

  4. Laundry Room - Ceiling lint trap (

  5. Remove all garbage - All items and garbage are to remove from the unit. If there are items left behind there will be an additional cost for junk removal will be added.

*** If during the final inspection and any of these items are not cleaned or the unit is found to be excessively dirty, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of cleaning. 

2) Lights

-  Replace all burnt out light bulbs ($15/regular, $25/halogen, $40/other)

-  Remove any light fixtures that you installed and reinstall the original light fixtures that came with the unit


3) Paint: 

** Please use “flat white out of a can” and follow these instructions Please do not over patch or overpaint the walls, only fill and paint the holes necessary.  If the damage is more significant the entire door/wall must be painted.


If there is anything else listed on the Pre-Move Inspection that is marked dirty or marked as the Tenant’s Responsibility that was missed above, please ensure you clean and/or repair it as well.

Step 6 - Keys -

Please kindly return keys to Baytree Property Management by 8:00 pm.

Place your keys in an envelope and label it. 

During office hours (Monday to Friday - 10:00 am -5:00 pm)

Please bring them to our office located at 151 Yonge Street Toronto 11th Floor, ON M5C 2W7. (Office number 1153)

After Office hours (5 pm and onwards and on weekends)

Drop to the keys at 70 St. Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T 1V1 in the LOCKED mailbox (photo was sent to you in the Pre-move Email) then email or call Shannon  604-946-5020 Ext. 104 to let us know it has been dropped off.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you the best of luck in your future.

Thank you!

Baytree Property Management Inc.