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Payment Issues

If you have been notified of non-sufficient funds by us or your bank, you will be charged from both parties in most cases. Baytree Property Management charges a $25.00 admin fee (taxes included) for bounced cheques. There is a zero-tolerance policy for NSF fees. If it was due to your bank's error, you must seek reimbursement from your bank.

Whether due to NSF or just simply a missed payment, you might have received an N4 form (Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent). This does not mean you are being evicted right away. This is a notice to state, and keep on record, your late payment which can ultimately lead to the termination of your tenancy.

If you have missed a payment or have bounced a cheque, we require an immediate payment of your rent amount plus the NSF fee by: MONEY ORDER, CERTIFIED CHEQUE, E-TRANSFER, or eCheck (if registered).

Money orders and certified cheques can be mailed express or delivered to our office.

E-transfers can be sent to, and you must provide us with the ADDRESS OF TENANCY & PASSWORD for us to successfully receive the funds.

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