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Maintenance Request

So, you've run into a problem. We're here to help.

Follow these initial steps to save time and money:

1. Check the manuals in your unit to troubleshoot the problem.

2. Check the breaker panel to see if any switches are in the off position - try resetting them.

3. If you are experiencing issues with plumbing, electrical or HVAC please contact your building concierge/management.

If they are still unable to assist you or have a problem with your appliance,

Please forward their response and send us an email to with the template below.  Remember to write your ADDRESS in the subject line to avoid delays. We will contact you within 48 hours.

4. If you are experiencing issues with your appliance, please send us directly an email to with the template below.

Please DO NOT send a new maintenance request in old email chains, please send a new email each time you have a new maintenance request.

*NOTE* The on-site technician will determine if the issue is wear-and-tear or consumer-induced. If it is deemed consumer-induced, the tenant will be liable for the full repair/replacement cost.

In case of water leaks, fire, or other emergencies, please go to the EMERGENCY page for instructions.

Maintenance Request Email Templates


   Example: 213-350 Toronto Ave. - Fridge Issue


   1. Appliance Type:

   2. Appliance Brand:

   3. Model Number:

   4. Serial Number:

   5. The issue:


   1. The Issue:

*NOTE* For any lost or stolen keys/fobs/garage remotes please email

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