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Congratulations and welcome to your new unit!

Here are some general guidelines and information to assist with the transition into your new home.

Contact information:

Tenant Department - For any questions about your LEASE, RENT, KEYS, CLEANING and ETC.


Phone number: 647-946-5020 ex 104

Maintenance Department – For all maintenance requests/inquiries, we require our tenants to first contact the building front desk or building management office, then send us a maintenance request if the maintenance must be done by the landlord as outlined on the Maintenance Request page. Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Make sure you bookmark this website/page so you can refer to it whenever you need it. But before you do, please complete the following initial steps:

1) Required Documents

Make sure you have submitted all required documents (hydro registration, insurance confirmation, post-dated cheques, key deposit, etc.) to your realtor - NOT TO BAYTREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

2) Building Registration Form

Please submit all required condominium registration forms (elevator booking, tenant registration, enterphone registration, parcel waiver, etc.) to your building concierge/building management - NOT TO BAYTREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

2)  Move-In Checklist

Please go to the Baytree Forms page and fill out the 'Move IN/OUT Checklist & Tenant Contact Info' form within FIVE (5) calendar days of moving in and send the form and photos to Subject line: Address - Move-In Checklist.


** Please attach any and all supporting photos/videos for verification. If we do not receive this form within the due time frame, you are acknowledging that there are no damages/deficiencies in your unit and will be liable for any damages/deficiencies that are found during the pre-move inspection when you submit a termination notice, unless (of course) these are damages/deficiencies that arise due to normal wear and tear.

We are always available when you need us, but we encourage our tenants to be resourceful. Building concierges/management are often great, so take advantage of them being right there when you need them.

For emergencies such as a water leak, please contact the building concierge/front desk for immediate assistance, then contact us with any updates and further steps. Please be mindful of what qualifies as an emergency when you call. The details on emergencies are outlined on the EMERGENCY page.

Once again, welcome and we hope you love your new home!

Baytree Property Management Inc.


Below you will find guidelines that will address and hopefully answer questions you may have about your rental property. PLEASE read this information and refer to throughout your lease to help you if a problem arises. We encourage you to review your lease agreement to note any items not covered below.



Your unit is equipped with several major appliances. If a serious problem occurs, please visit our maintenance request page and follow the instructions. However, many problems can be remedied or even prevented by proper use and care of the appliances. Please do your due diligence before sending a maintenance request.


It is hoped that all tenants maintain an attractive exterior appearance of their unit, including keeping your balconies in a clean and tidy condition. The balcony is not to be used as a storage area for any items except seasonal furniture. Please do not hang clothes or flower boxes from the balcony or railing.

The balconies and terraces are a common element of the condo corporation and in most buildings not considered part of your unit. Like other building common elements, no owner can make changes to the balcony without the consent of the condo corporation. This restriction also applies to anything you might want to put out on the balcony floor-such as carpeting. Carpeting retains moisture, which can permanently deteriorate the concrete.


In almost all buildings barbecuing is not allowed on your balcony. This practice is not only against the rules of the condo corporation, but more importantly it is a fire hazard and a breach of the fire department’s by-laws and codes. If you are unsure if something is permitted on your balcony please inquire with the building security, building management or Baytree Property Management.


Your breaker panel/box is usually located on the inside wall of the closet nearest your main door. Keep a flashlight handy in case your electricity goes out. If your electricity does go out, you have probably tripped a breaker. THIS CAN HAPPEN IF YOU OVERLOAD THE CIRCUIT. Inside the breaker box look for the switch that indicates “OFF” and flip it to the “ON” position. If none of the switches are off, start flipping each switch, one at a time. If this fails to turn your electricity back on, contact your building management/concierge. If your building is unable to help you, contact our office at 647-946-5020. If you call Baytree Property Management first and the trouble is in your breaker box you will be charged accordingly.

Generally, most air filter manufacturers and HVAC companies recommend changing your air filter every 90 days or three months. That can change based on where your home is located (ex. dusty, dry climates), if you have any pets, and the age of your system and equipment.

The best way to clean them is by sliding them out from their tracks in the unit and washing them in warm, soapy water.  Do not use a pressure washer to clean your filters, as you will likely damage them and have to buy new ones when a soapy wash would have done the trick!


You may only alter the condition of the unit (wall colour, blinds, hangings, etc.) with the expressed written consent from Baytree Property Management. You are responsible to return it to its original condition when you move out, if changes were approved by Baytree Property Management.


Condensation and moisture on windows has become one of the most common complaints from today's residents. Fortunately, you can control most condensation problems.

  • Make a habit to use your bathroom fan when showering and the kitchen exhaust when cooking. This will help reduce the moisture in the air.

  • Refrain from the use of humidifiers.

  • Refrain from over watering household plants.

  • Leave the fan running on the heating/air conditioning unit during extreme cold weather to help the air circulate the home.

  • Avoid hanging wet clothes inside the home. Ensure the clothes dryer is vented and the exhaust fan is in operation during use (and/or the bathroom fan).

  • Free air circulation is important, keep drapes open when possible so air can circulate over the windows. If necessary, you may open windows to reduce localized condensation.


You will notice that there is a gap around the entry of your door. This is not a deficiency, it not only serves as a source of air, but it also helps maintain air circulation in your suite. This is also a safety feature in the event of a fire.


The garbage/recycling chutes (located on each floor) can be used between the hours of 8AM and 10PM, unless other times have been specified. Do not force large items down the chute as this can cause an obstruction in the chute.


Large items should be brought down to the building disposal area and disposed of correctly. Tenants will be responsible for 'dumping' charges if the building finds they are violating this rule. This is most important for move ins and outs; remember these areas have video surveillance. If you have large, heavy, or furniture items, you can arrange for collection with the city of Toronto garbage collection department at 416-392-7742, or a donation drive and coordinate a pickup date and time.



General maintenance of the unit is your responsibility. General maintenance includes the following: Replacement of light bulbs, smoke detector batteries and fuses. If you contact Baytree Property Management for repair due to negligence, the tenant(s) will be billed for the repairs. Examples include clogged toilets, broken windows, damaged blinds, clogged drains, etc.


Every unit is independently insured by the unit owner. However, as a tenant, none of your personal items or the actions of yourself or your guests are covered. For this reason it is mandatory for all tenants to obtain content insurance on their unit as per your lease agreement. If you need to purchase tenant insurance please contact your bank or your preferred choice of insurance company. These policies are to protect you and your property in the case of accident, injury, flood, fire, etc.


If parking was included in your lease, it is your responsibility to keep unwanted cars off your allotted parking space. If you see another car in your parking space, you may report it to the building concierge/management and ask for further instructions.


NO PETS of tenants or guests are allowed in any rental properties at any time, unless specified otherwise. If we see a pet in your rental property without written consent, you will be contacted immediately.



Leaving your doors and windows open for extended periods of time or poor housekeeping habits can introduce crawling and/or winged pests into your unit. If you feel you have a pest problem, call our office and we will arrange an assessment. If it is determined that the pest problem was due to tenant negligence, tenant(s) will be charged for the service.



No personal items (ex. bikes, sports equipment, garbage, etc.) are to be left in the hallways or stairwells at any time. Bike racks are located either in the parking levels or outside the building for storage of bikes. If you cannot locate the bike racks, please speak to your concierge.


Clogged toilets/overflows are common problems resulting from tenant misuse. To prevent clogging and/or overflowing, DO NOT flush items such as paper towels, tampons, or facial tissues. Preventing overflows is much easier than cleaning up the mess and damage that an overflow can cause. You should keep a plunger handy in case the toilet becomes clogged.


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